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With UDN’s pre-construction services, you can turn your building idea into a reality. Tell us your vision, and we will bring it to life. Let us guide you through this exciting process.

We will help you get started with your project—giving you our thoughts, listening to your ideas, and creating a concept that perfectly suits your needs. From there, we bring your dream to fruition. We partner with an impressive pool of architectural, engineering and design firms to deliver a team that is reliable, capable, and talented.

You don’t have to worry about any of the most intimidating tasks involved with the building process. We will work together to create your budget, build your schedule, and organize all required permit and zoning requirements. We will help you with your site acquisition and even guide you through the process of financing your project. It is our mission to provide you an exceptional experience with minimal worry.
In our design-build process, we take a comprehensive approach to your needs. Our streamlined approach makes it easy and efficient to achieve your dream project. We will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Together, we will collaborate to come up with a plan for your project. We assess your budget and any constraints involved, then we approach the build with your specific needs in mind. This allows us a lot of room to get creative with our clients. We help you come up with a concept that you love, then we find the perfect architects and engineers to realize your project. We then bring our incredible team on board and in no time, your build is complete.

By collaborating directly with you on a design-build, we can make your dreams become a reality.
UDN offers construction management services for clients who need someone to oversee the many elements involved in complicated construction jobs. We have years of experience in working with large projects and large, varied scopes of work.

In the CM capacity, you can think of us as a kind of a Construction Air Traffic Controller, managing your multiple prime contracts all at once. “Prime contracts” refer to the various major trade contractors who work directly for you, the owner and perform specific individual aspects of your project. Each of these elements must work in harmony to achieve a successful, stress-free build. Our job is to oversee and facilitate each of these contractors so that they achieve the best results.

No matter who you bring to the team, we will work closely with them so that your building project will proceed smoothly. Whether it is a private, business, municipal, or educational buildings, we are ready to take the lead and assure everything goes according to plan.
UDN offers general contracting services to our clients, which means that we will be your single point of contact during construction. All trades will be carried and managed through us while we oversee your entire construction project from beginning to end. Think of us as the coach of the team who assures everything gets done on time and for the best value.

As the supervisors of a project, it’s our job to ensure that your expectations of quality are met in every respect. In our role as GC, we don’t choose the architects and engineers on a project, you provide them, then we come in, take their plans and specs and assure the work goes smoothly and your expectations are met.

We act as the gatekeepers of your project, seeing that the build is completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You can rest easy knowing that your build is in responsible, experienced, and capable hands.
Our residential construction services are perfect for clients who are considering large-scale renovations or a new custom home. We specialize in additions, new-builds, and complete residential renovations. Our experience in creating incredible custom homes, second homes, and investment properties will make the building process smooth and easy for you.

From concept to completion, we take the wheel. We understand that when your building project is your home, it’s personal. We make it our priority to assure everything turns out exactly as you have imagined.