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Since 2012, UDN has brought a new, fresh, and modern approach to construction. They are reimagining the way a construction business can work for both employees and clients.

When Nick Testa and Nick Charvella first started in the industry together in 2008, the culture of the construction industry had an old-school, rough and rigid stigma and this was something they made their mission to change. UDN brings a more relatable and modern approach to the field. As a result, the firm has gained a reputation with clients, employees and subcontractors for being a company of integrity who is easier and more enjoyable to work with.

UDN is a small firm, focused on being lean and efficient. For the past four years, UDN has been ranked as one of the top 15 commercial builders in the Rochester Business Journal’s Book of Lists. They are by far the smallest firm on that list. UDN isn’t just good for it’s size: it’s good because of it’s size. UDN delivers premium comprehensive services with minimum overhead, and they do it well.

Today, UDN is using that momentum their refreshing attitude has created to foster a positive culture inside their growing company. UDN believes in being a good employer and community member, striving to be inclusive in their hiring and fair in their labor practices. A team focus and all-around collaborative approach result in better building experience and, ultimately, a better product for clients.